About Savour the Flavours

Savour the Flavours was Dumfries & Galloway’s regional food and drink network, which supported and promoted local food and drink during the period 2009-2013. Savour the Flavours ceased activities in October 2013.

Savour the Flavours worked with producers, chefs, retailers, farmers’ markets, manufacturers, event organisers, schools and consumers to raise awareness of the exceptional local produce to be found in Dumfries & Galloway.

For more information on the work undertaken by Savour the Flavours please read the 2011-2013 project evaluation undertaken by SAC Consulting.


Savour the Flavours is no longer accepting applications for membership.  If you are a cook, chef or caterer please contact D&G Chefs Association for details on their activities.  If you are a food producer interested in trading within Dumfries & Galloway’s markets, please contact Dumfries & Galloway Farmers’ & Community Markets Association.

For any other enquiry relating to Savour the Flavours please contact Liz Ramsay (liz@savourtheflavours.co.uk).