Galloway Farmhouse Cheese

Millairies, Sorbie, Newton Stewart, DG8 8AL
01988 850224
Opening Hours: 

May to September (inclusive)
Monday to Friday:
11am to 4pm

Food Serving Hours: 


Galloway Farmhouse Cheese showcase their delicious products at From Ewe to You, their farm shop at Millairies Farm near Sorbie. Galloway Farmhouse Cheese produce a range of Cairnsmore cheeses, principally a hard ewes milk cheese, available in various flavours, created from the organic milk from the farm's flock of Friesland sheep. The range also includes cheeses produced from organic cows milk, and goats milk too.

At Millairies we have been milking a flock of Friesland Sheep since 1989.  This organic milk and also goats milk and organic cows milk are used to produce a range of cheeses which are sold to delicatessens and some of the top hotels and restaurants throughout Scotland.  Come to our farm shop, From Ewe to You, and taste the wide variety of Cairnsmore cheeses before you decide which one you like.

We also have a selection of crafts including sheepskin rugs, fleeces and smaller gift items, mainly based on a sheep theme, plus other foodie items to compliment cheese!